You Need To See These Cannabis Coffee Table Books Now

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Is your vice weed? Do you like to read? Go no further because we have some of the world’s best DIY cannabis coffee table books to share with you. Our staff decided to light up and dig into some green-reading materials. 

With 5 cannabis coffee books sure to tantalize your mind and your eyes. We’ve compiled our top 5 cannabis books and a 6th #nsfw) the tile, which you’ll find at the end. You can thank us later for #69 on the list. So sit back, relax, and toke away because you’ll want to grab one of these ganja-friendly titles. 

1. The Indispensable Scratch Sniff Guide To Cannabis in the weed

by Richard Betts, Rotem Raffe (Design)

Coming from The New York Times, best-selling author of The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert. This DIY cannabis coffee book has everything you need to know about America’s favorite recreational plant.

Who better to direct you through the distinct fragrances of marijuana than Richard Betts, author of top-rated books, The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert and The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All. 

With a brief history lesson on where Mary Jane came from and how it ended up as one of America’s most cherished leisure activities. Plus, there’s a guide to the most popular strains. This book is a fact-filled and enjoyable guide to all things marijuana.

And if you don’t live in a state that has legalized marijuana, this book is the closest thing you’ll have to light up that joint, my friend! 

2. High On Design (Our favorite coffee table book) 

by gestalten (Editor), Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi (Editor)

High On Design (Our favorite coffee table book)

High on Design showcases the brand-new brand names, styles, and developers behind this transformation. Over a couple of years, taking the herb and utilizing its derivatives has become legal in several nations. 

A wave of business owners has come through, looking to make a fortune on a brand-new generation of customers. Through informative text, High on Design shows the unique aesthetic appeals, individuals, and patterns of modern marijuana culture. It supplies a broader view of the phenomenon. This one fits into the diy cannabis must-have coffee table books for your home.

3. How High Am I? (not a book but a weed journal) 

by Chronicle Books LLC (Author)

How High Am I? (not a book but a weed journal) 

An assisted journal for cannabis coffee! Keeping track of all those short-lived ideas, genius concepts, and huge concerns that develop when you’re flying high is challenging. So go ahead and get high; the sky’s the limit! You can document your experiences as you see fit. Who knows, your ideas might land you the next big business deal or a ridiculous valuation on your tech startup. 

4. Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-Fuss, Seed-to-Stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation (our favorite cannabis coffee guide) 

by Johanna Silver, Rachel Weill (Photographs)

This book is good. Why? Because it’s from the former gardening editor of Sunset Magazine, Johanna Silver. Growing Weed in the Garden brings marijuana out of the dark into the sunshine. Let’s be honest-should it be in the dark? No. Darkness isn’t suitable for a plant. And I’m no plant expert. But if your’re going to do some DIY cannabis coffee- this is the bible, written by the Goddess of gardening.

Whether stoned, sober, experienced, or a brand-new garden enthusiast, Growing Weed in the Garden is the definitive guide to doing simply that. Oh, and it also has some dope cover art. Trust me, it will pop on top of your coffee table. 

5. The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed (Best cannabis coffee Book) 

by Seth Matlins, Eve Epstein, Anne Pickard (Illustrations)

Legal in all 50 states, this amusing, practical, and whimsically highlighted guide covers 4,000 years of weed and its significance– psychedelic, cultural, medical, sexual, and more– in 22 pages and with 20 scratch-&-smell fragrances. It’s brilliant. 

It covers everything for your DIY cannabis coffee experience. From the science behind the munchies to the botanical link between weed and beer. They touch on weed’s sexual advantages to its (actual) sexual drawbacks. 

You’ll learn about Tupac and Shakespeare and why weed makes music sound much better: This book is for anybody from the marijuana lover to the marijuana curious.

69. #SENDNUDES (Honorable mention – why not #sendnudes after you read about all of this weed?) 

by Mendo (Creator)

diy cannabis

This fantastic collection of cannabis coffee books images comes from creators across the globe. World-renowned sensual photographers such as Dennis Swiatkowski, Fauve Bouwman, and Paul Bellaart each bring a unique design and method to female sensuality, intimacy, and beauty.

Today, #SENDNUDES is making another shift– as the title of a thoroughly curated book of nude photography. In partnership with Iman Whitfield, MENDO connected to professional photographers worldwide and asked them to send their preferred shots of female sensuality and intimacy. 

The outcome is an aesthetically spectacular image collection that approaches sensual photography from a female perspective. 

It commemorates the variety of female appeal and body self-confidence. It teases the fragile line between that which is exposed and what stays personal.

If you spend time online, you might have come across the expression: #SENDNUDES. A staple of millennial terminology, the term is utilized to demand raunchy photos, typically over text messaging and dating apps. Gradually, #SENDNUDES has progressed into a meme, released as a specific hashtag in image and video web jokes. So, go ahead, get high, and #sendnudes

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