Get Excited About This New Cookies Strain Bernie Hana Butter Strain? 

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Cookies Cannabis continues to launch some of the most iconic new cookies strains. In fact the have released some of the most iconic and well-known cookies dispensary near me. The creative minds at one of the country’s largest cannabis companies have done it again with a new strain drop called Bernie Hana Butter. This is one of the newest strains to join the Cookies fam. Wondering if “Bernie” is short for Berner? (Cookies’ founder and rapper), you’re spot on he is the founder of Cookies Cannabis.

Like any good CEO leading a weed kingdom, Berner sampled the strain. Not only did he give it his seal of approval, but he baked his name into the strain. He’s a man who smokes a fair amount of weed, so the quality must be good. And based on the reviews coming in, new cookies dispensary near me is in for another big win. 

bernie hana butter strain
Cookies SF

So far, this new cookies bernie hana strain is meeting the high expectations of cannabis connoisseurs across the states. It’s meeting all of the hype with some rave reviews. And one not-so-good one is located here, in case you want to read a different perspective on the strain. Ultimately, you will be the judge. But we don’t think you’ll be disappointed (wink). 

cookies dispensary near me : hana butter strain

Cookies Dispensary: Near and dear to me it’s a must see

When you first open up some Bernie Hana Butter, the smell brings back memories of a carnival. Complete with big-headed clowns and girls in short skirts. Like something out of Internet Money’s B4 the Storm album cover. 

The new cookies dispensary sends a powerful aroma of sweet sticky cotton candy and oddly cookies, fresh baked cookies. Similar to an ice cream shop with its smells of deliciously churned sweet cream and freshly baked waffle cones. All these smells permeating your nose leave you with a lovely cotton candy-flavored aftertaste.

cookies dispensary near me in a box with bernie hana butter and honey comb

Bernie Hana Butter Strain: The new cookies dispensary near me

According to the experts at Leafly, Bernie Hana Butter is a strain released by the cookies family. It landed on Leafly’s Strain of Summer 2022 list this year after its release. Apparently, it’s an excellent cross of GSC genetics: (Jet Fuel Gelato x Guava) x (Blue Cookies x Oreos). Users report aromas of butter and dough plus funky, floral, berry, and gas. Bernie Butter has extremely high THC scores, and users say it’s relaxing, like an indica hybrid.

cookies dispensary near me: bernie hana butter strain

Reviewing Bernie Hana Butter Strain: VICESNOB’s Take about cookies dispensary

Bernie Hana Butter is fire. It’s a mix of Jet Fuel Gelato and the elusive Guava strain, with genes from Blue Cookie and Oreos strains. According to a combined Leafly and Weed Maps users, this strain has yummy gelato flavors of candy, and jet fuel with a creamy, delicate finish. We found the flavors to be a bit less pronounced, but the effects-oh yeah, that’s why we came to the party. It creates a fun, happy, giggly, relaxed feeling. You’re clear headed, but chilled-out and relaxed.

cookies dispensary near me

The Wrap

With its beautiful purple and light green colors and pungent carnival candy aroma, Bernie Hana Butter really packs a punch in terms of effect. The effects of Bernie Hana Butter may hit you hard, similar to getting a first-time smoker’s high. And we say this from personal experience, no matter what your tolerance. But the high is fantastic. It produces a giggly, goofy, time-freeze, like roaming a carnival with your friends without care. 

Grab some Bernie Hana Butter and get it delivered today.

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