Fast Cars and Fierce Women: How Julie Nataas is Heating Up The Track

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Hey there, VICESNOB crew! Today, we’re shifting gears to chat about a woman who’s not only turning heads but also burning rubber on the race track- Julie Nataas. That’s right, so buckle up and hold on tight because we’re talking about the Norwegian bombshell who’s making waves in the world of NHRA Top Fuel Dragster racing.

From her killer looks to her serious skills behind the wheel, Julie is the total package. She’s got that Scandinavian cool mixed with a fiery passion for speed. Let’s just say, she’s hotter than a blown engine on a summer day!

Julie Nataas holding trophies she won at NHRA finals wearing red and black jumpsuit looking sexy

Julie Nataas: A Need for Speed

Julie didn’t just fall into the drag racing scene – it’s in her blood. With her dad being a retired Top Fuel pilot, she’s been surrounded by the smell of burning rubber and the roar of engines since she was born. Nataas career started in a Junior Dragster, and now she’s tearing up the track as an NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster Driver.

She’s not just a pretty face; this girl can drive! In 2023 alone, she became the World Champion and a 3x Regional Champion. Plus, she’s currently qualified no.4 with a 5.21ET. Talk about girl power!

Julie Nataas holding trophy after winning a NHRA race

She has the beauty, brains, and a badass behind the wheel

But let’s get back to that Scandinavian charm. Julie hails from a small town called Drøbak, just outside Norway’s capital. And folks, she’s definitely brought that Nordic magic with her. With her stunning good looks and sweet, spirited personality, she’s a breath of fresh air in the testosterone-fueled world of racing.

Don’t let that sweetness fool you, though. Julie is fierce, determined, and knows how to handle herself on the track. She’s become quite mean on the drag strip, proving that beauty and brains can indeed go hand in hand.

julie and friends standing in front of fancy restaurant and winery in Sonoma, CA

The Need to Know: Julie Nataas

Now, we know what you’re thinking – with all this success, what’s Julie Nataas’ net worth? Well, turns out our girl likes to keep her finances under wraps. But given her impressive track record (pun intended), we can only imagine she’s doing pretty well for herself.

So there you have it, VICESNOB squad! Julie Nataas is proof that you can be sexy, smart, and speedy all at the same time. And isn’t that what we’re all about here at VICESNOB? Living life in the fast lane, looking good while doing it, and breaking a few rules along the way.

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