Melonade By Alien Labs Review: Your Ticket to Cloud Nine by Alien Labs

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What’s up, VICESNOBS? Strap in and hold onto your hats because we’re about to blast off into the cosmos of cannabis strains. Today’s stop? Let’s get into  Melonade by Alien Labs review, where the weed is out-of-this-world and the vibes are interstellar.

Melonade by alien labs

Alien Labs: Not Your Average Weed Wizards

Before we get into the juicy details, let’s dish about the masterminds behind our star of the show. Alien Labs isn’t just another cannabis brand. Picture the Star Trek of Herb, voyaging where no stoner has journeyed before! This brand is a rad fusion of skate culture, nerd chic, and primo cannabis, making it the go-to spot for tokers who appreciate the finer things in life – both on Earth and beyond.

Born from a blend of nerdy science and an unstoppable love for Mary Jane, Alien Labs has been raising the bar (and the high) since its founder, Ted Lidie, decided to level up from small-scale growing to full-on weed wizardry.

Melonade by alien labs

The Birth of Melonade

Now, let’s chat about today’s main squeeze: Melonade. This strain didn’t just pop out of a petri dish in some sterile lab. Nope, it was lovingly crafted by Alien Labs’ green-fingered gurus, who are more like mad weed scientists if you ask me!

Melonade is the lovechild of two fan faves: Watermelon Zkittlez and Lemon Tree. This duo creates a sweet symphony of flavors that will have your taste buds twerking to a cosmic beat.

Melonade by alien labs

Reviewing Melonade: One Hot Strain

Alright, enough with the small talk. Let’s get down and dirty with what makes Melonade a must-try for any self-respecting stoner.

Strain Description

From its name, you can bet your bong that Melonade is a sweet, fruity strain that will take your senses on a wild ride across the cosmos. Its buds are a visual treat, boasting a vibrant green color dusted with trichomes that sparkle like distant stars.

Melonade by alien labs


Hold onto your hats! Melonade isn’t for the timid. This hybrid strain hits you with an uplifting cerebral high that will have you feeling like you’re floating among the stars. But don’t worry, it’s not all spacey and abstract. You’ll also feel a soothing body high that’s perfect for those chill, Netflix-and-chill kind of nights.

But here’s the kicker: Melonade is known to stoke the fires of desire. That’s right, folks. This strain doesn’t just get you high; it gets you hot and bothered. So whether you’re a man or a woman, prepare for a sensual journey that will leave you wanting more.

In essence, Melonade gives you a balanced high that combines the best of both worlds. It’s perfect for both daytime and nighttime use. Whether you’re looking to boost your creativity, unwind after a long day, or simply enjoy a good laugh (or a steamy moment) with someone special, Melonade has got you covered.

Melonade by alien labs

Wrap Up: Blast Off with Melonade

So there you have it, space cadets! Alien Labs’ Melonade is not just a strain; it’s a galaxy of flavor, fun, and frisky feelings all rolled into one sweet, smoky package. It’s your rocket fuel to the stars, your magic carpet ride through the cosmos, and your backstage pass to the hottest gig in the universe. So why settle for earthbound experiences when you can soar amongst the stars? Light up, blast off, and let Melonade take you on a trip that’s truly out of this world VICESNOB!

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