Everything You Need To Know Before You Go: Shanghai

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These Are The Things To Do In Shanghai Before Traveling To The City

Modernity and tradition combine to make Shanghai one of the fascinating cities in the world. Our quick and easy Shanghai China travel guide will make your trip easy. Aside from all the shopping, architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine, Shanghai is also a city that can be enjoyed with extracurricular activities – hiking in Huangshan or exploring nature by boat. Here are some important things to note about the Chinese city before traveling.

Required documentation for foreign visitors

It is mandatory to have a valid passport before traveling to Shanghai. China does not provide a visa-on-arrival service. So, before traveling to the city, it is essential to make an appointment at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate for a 30-day tourist visa. Checking the government health website is also advised to find out when it is ideal for visiting the city.

shanghai china travel guide

Going to Shanghai

By plane is a good option since Shanghai has two airports. The Pudong International Airport is located in the Pudong district and connects to major cities in China and the world. The Hongqiao International Airport, on the other hand, is located in Changning District and provides flights to nearby provinces and countries. Many domestic carriers like Air China, China Eastern Airlines, EVA Air, Xiamen Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, etc., land at these airports.

shanghai china travel guide

Convenient transportation while traveling Shanghai

Navigating Shanghai is easy with the help of the metro system, which has 16 lines and over 400 interchange stations. Visitors can also use domestic flights and taxis (DiDi Rider) for shorter distances. An international intercity (long-distance) bus terminal is also located in Shanghai, which allows travelers to go to other provinces in China. Another option is the Maglev train, recognized as one of the world’s fastest magnetic levitation trains. With speeds of over 600 km/h, the train is regularly used for high-speed passenger transportation.

shanghai china travel guide

When to go to Shanghai

Most travelers visit Shanghai during the Spring (March through May) and Autumn (September through November) seasons since the weather is usually pleasant. Sunshine is abundant during the season, and temperatures are manageable. 16.6 degrees Celsius is the average temperature that Shanghai experiences throughout the year. However, December and January, though cold, are also good months to revel in the splendor of the city while celebrating Christmas and the Chinese New Year.

shanghai china travel guide

The best places to visit in Shanghai while traveling

From historic bazaars, vibrant shopping districts, and amusement parks to museums, futuristic landmarks, and nightlife. Our Shanghai China travel guide is your ticket to entertainment centers and a city that never ceases to captivate its visitors with its unique blend of history, architecture, culture, and contemporary life. Here are the top attractions that you should include on your Shanghai bucket list:

  • The Bund
  • Yuyuan Garden
  • Jade Buddha Temple
  • Shanghai Tower
  • Shanghai Disney Resort
  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower
  • Shanghai Museum
shanghai china travel guide

Places to eat while traveling in Shanghai

The social and cultural life of this place revolves around food. From high-class restaurants to street vendors, food is a prominent part of daily life for locals. The city’s edition of the Michelin Guide has 137 dining establishments. Visitors can enjoy a flavorful meal anywhere from Michelin-starred restaurants like Taian Table and Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet to local stalls serving savory dishes. Top bars and nightclubs in Shanghai’s Puxi district are known for their innovative specialty drinks and flashy entertainment.

shanghai china travel guide
shanghai china travel guide

A few more things to note on Shanghai travel

A currency protocol is in effect, which establishes the process of handling money transactions. Cab drivers accept coins only, while shopkeepers prefer notes- it can be helpful to know if you have to change money on arrival. Wifi is also widespread – hotels and cafés have it. Furthermore, public restrooms are synonymous with squat toilets but not western-style ones, so be sure to bring any toiletries and deodorant along on your trip.  We hope you found this quick guide helpful for you next trip. Now go out there and explore the world VICESNOB.

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