Tame the Beast: 5 Best Men’s Pomades for Thick Curly Hair

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When your luscious locks have a mind of their own, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Keep scrolling to discover our top picks for the best men’s pomades. We’ve been on an epic quest, hunting down the best pomades for those of you blessed with thick, curly locks. Our journey took us all the way to sunny California where we sought advice from some of the top barbers in the game. Trust us, these hair wizards know their stuff!

What Experts Say: from LA to the Bay

SoCal Style With @Chunkz.ElBarber

First up, we chatted with the incredibly talented @chunkz.elbarber on IG. This guy is a Suavecito and Layrite loyalist, revealing that these pomades are his secret weapons for taming unruly curls. His pro tip? Hair styling isn’t just about the product, it’s also about the technique. So grab your brush, whip out that blow dryer, and get ready to pre-style like a pro!

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NorCal’s Finest With @dannycultures_ at Cultures Barber Lounge in Oakland

But wait, there’s more! We also hit up Oakland’s finest, @dannycultures_ on IG and you’ll find his shop at @culturesbarberlounge. He’s a big fan of American Crew Pomade for its lightness and clean look. And when it comes to creating that perfect textured look, he swears by Big Sexy Hair Powder Play.

So buckle up, as we dive into our top 5 picks for the best men’s pomades and some honorable mentions-for thick curly hair, backed by the wisdom of Cali’s barbering elite. Your hair game is about to level up!

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1. Smooth Operator: Layrite Super Hold Pomade 

For the guy who wants to rock a retro vibe with minimal effort

Layrite Super Hold Pomade is a water-based pomade that packs a punch when it comes to taming your wild mane. With a strong hold and a matte finish, you’ll be channeling Elvis in no time. Plus, the vanilla scent will have all the ladies swooning. Trust us, this pomade is the one for slicked-back styles and pompadours.

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2. Frizz Fighter: Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade 

For the guy who’s tired of battling frizz and humidity

Say adios to frizz with Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade. This water-based pomade offers a stronghold and a high shine finish that’ll keep your curls in check even on the most humid days. And the best part? It washes out easily with just water, so you can hit the town looking fly without worrying about your hair the next morning.

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3. American Crew Pomade – Medium Hold: The Shiny Superstar

Hey there, style aficionados! If you’ve been hunting for the perfect pomade to keep your hair game strong, we’ve got some news for you. Enter the American Crew Pomade – a medium hold wonder that’s taking the grooming world by storm!

This isn’t just any pomade. It’s the Leonardo DiCaprio of hair products – smooth, versatile, and always on point. It offers a medium hold with high shine, making it the perfect alternative to those sticky styling gels we all secretly despise.

The American Crew Pomade works its magic on all hair types. Got curls that need taming? This pomade has your back. Looking to create a slicked-back look that would make even Don Draper jealous? Just work a small amount through your hair and voila! You’re ready to take on the world.

And don’t worry about any post-use stickiness or residue. This bad boy is water-based, which means it rinses clean and leaves your hair feeling fresh and ready for round two.

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4. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play: The Texture Titan

Let’s talk about Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. It’s not just for the ladies, you know. This little magic powder is just what you need to create those piecey textures and voluminous looks that are all the rage this year.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is like a secret weapon in your grooming arsenal. Just a sprinkle of this stuff can transform flat, lifeless hair into a full-bodied, textured masterpiece. It’s perfect for creating that ’90s-inspired spiky look that’s making a major comeback.

But wait, there’s more! This powder doesn’t discriminate between hair types. Whether you’re rocking natural curls or a Leo-inspired slick-back, a tiny dusting of Big Sexy Hair Powder Play will give you that extra oomph that sets your style apart.

So, fellas, don’t let the name fool you. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play isn’t just for Hollywood bombshells. It’s for anyone who wants to keep their hair game strong in 2023. Now go forth and conquer those hair trends with confidence!

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5. Curl Whisperer: O’Douds Multi-Purpose Pomade 

For the eco-conscious curly dude looking to keep things natural

O’Douds Multi-Purpose Pomade is an all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free option that’ll make your curls behave without compromising your values. This beeswax-based pomade gives medium hold and a semi-matte finish, perfect for those who want to embrace their curls while still looking polished. Bonus points for the earthy, herbal scent that’ll transport you to a lush forest.

Get it here.

Runner Up: Texture Tamer: Baxter of California Clay Pomade 

For the man who wants to add some texture and dimension to his curls

Baxter of California Clay Pomade is a versatile, paraben-free option that’ll give your thick curly hair some serious texture. Its strong hold and matte finish let you create a variety of styles, from tousled beach waves to defined curls. Plus, the subtle lemon and sage scent will have you feeling fresh all day long.

Get it here.

Runner Up: The All-Rounder: Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 

For the guy who wants a little bit of everything in one product

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a water-based pomade that offers a medium-strong hold, high shine, and a subtle coconut scent. This pomade works wonders on thick curly hair, giving you the flexibility to create a range of hairstyles, from classic side parts to modern textured looks. It’s also super easy to wash out, making it perfect for the low-maintenance dude.

So there you have it, fellas! Our top 5 picks for the best men’s pomades for thick curly hair in the US and Canada. Now go forth and tame those luscious locks with confidence, knowing you’ve got the best products in your grooming arsenal. Your hair game will never be the same.

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