The Amazing Success of The Cookies And Jungle Boys Empire

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Cookies cannabis is part of a weed revolution sweeping the nation. It has its roots in the sunny state of California. Several years ago a group of weed pioneers in Nevada, LA, and the Bay area of San Francisco joined forces. They created a jungle boys dispensary. Their mission was simple, leverage each other’s talents to produce the finest cannabis on the planet. And what they have created is nothing short of amazing.

cookies cannabis
Los Angeles Farmers

When we think of California, we think of palm trees, fast cars, and movie stars. Yes, Cali (as it’s called in short) has just about something for everyone. From thick blankets of pine tree-covered mountains to its beautiful beaches, gorgeous women, and fantastic weather. But you might be surprised to find out the golden state is also home to the “Emerald Triangle” and some of the biggest cannabis brands on the planet such as Jungle Boys, and Cookies cannabis. 

The biggest names in the U.S. cannabis market, Nevada’s Reef Dispensaries, the Bay Area’s Exotikz, and LA’s Jungle Boys met several years ago. They worked on a plan to grow their presence in an ever-changing legalized cannabis market. What they created that day was the cultivation of something special. And a cannabis business that would grow far beyond their west coast roots. 

cookies cannabis
Jungle Boys – Los Angeles Farmers

Teamwork Made The Dream Work – Jungle boys dispensary

The owners of Reef Dispensaries worked closely with rapper Berner, whose brand Exotikz (present day Cookies cannabis) began making local favorites such as Sherbert and PGSC. In addition, a member of Taylor Gang, Wiz Khalifa, had brought the Khalifa Kush deal to Reef Dispensaries.

Jungle Boys is a collective of Los Angeles cultivators focused on one mission to grow clean, sustainable, and potent cannabis. For the last 11 years, the Jungle Boys have been curating and cultivating some of America’s most impressive, mysterious, and unreleased strains. 

Ivan of Jungle Boys set out on a rigorous hunting process. And what he and his crew cultivated were extraordinarily unique and rare cannabis strains capable of producing insane aromas. 

Some strains taste like sour apples, cherry pie, or anything else that comes to mind. Because of this rigorous process to cultivate these particular flowers, their Exotikz capsules are also one-of-a-kind, offering a richness of terpenes not found anywhere else.

jungle boys dispensary
Jungle Boys

Reef Dispensaries and Jungle Boys Dispensary

Jungle Boys and Reef Dispensaries are the major weed producers of the west. Cookies Cannabis of course is known for its retail operations. For over a decade, they have strived to change how people think about cultivation. Cultivation is more than what they do. It’s who they are, and it’s in their blood. 

In fact, Jungle Boys founder Ivan learned from his mother at a young age how to cultivate flower. His mother also had cancer, and the medicinal properties of the flower inspired him in his current role. From humble backyard beginnings to state-of-the-art grow facilities, Jungle boys dispensary always strives to perfect the process and take their product to new heights.

Similarly, Reef dispensaries’ cannabis cultivators claim their successes, challenges, and experiences. Both brands are proud to play an integral role in inspiring and educating the next generation of cannabis growers. The union was meant to happen. Moreover, this team-up of two big brands is a big step for the weed industry.

jungle boys dispensary

LA Weekly reported that the plan for Reef Dispensaries and Jungle Boys to partner on cannabis cultivation was swiftly executed. If history is any indicator, the group made the right move. The Reef dispensary’s exclusive line of products was branded under the Exotikz brand. These are some of the best strains we suggest: 

Cookies Cannabis
Jungle Boys

The hunt for “phenos”

In short, we can say potent cannabis grown with incredibly skilled cultivation has blessed the country and parts of the globe. Cookies and the Jungle Boys cannabis are said to have some of the most potent strains in existence. They’ve created a community behind a by meticulously curated line of products. Additionally, these products go through a rigorous trial-and-error process called “pheno-hunting.” 

The process is controlled and can take months or even years to perfect. The crew will simultaneously grow the same plant from several hundred seeds, searching for the most acceptable possible version of a strain. It’s controlled by Darwinism, where only the strongest survive. What results from their process is an extreme phenom that will yield both flowers and quality.

jungle boys dispensary
LA Farmers – Jungle Boys

The Wrap

If we only had a crystal ball, who would have known in the years leading up to 2017 that the LA Farmers, Jungle boys dispensary, and Cookies cannabis would be where they are today? Moreover, the companies collectively have had exponential growth. 

Rapper and entrepreneur Berner’s career has continued to accelerate and reach new heights. Although the legal weed market has been a struggle for most companies in the industry. However, only the strong survive; as the old adage goes, “better together” has proven to be a recipe for success in the cannabis market. 

We’ve enjoyed our fair share of these companies products. They produce some of the finest quality cannabis on the market. If you’re looking for deliciously potent weed, go no further. You cannot go wrong with delicious flavors, aromas, and effects. Live strong and be a VICESNOB.

jungle boys dispensary
Jungle Boys
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