Top 5 Sexy News Anchors in LA for 2024: Sizzling Starlets Revealed

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We are heating things up at VICESNOB’s offices in LA and it involves some of the sexiest and hottest news anchors, plunging necklines, and stunning high heels you’ll see on live TV. We’ve been on a quest to find the 5 most gorgeous and hottest female news anchors in Los Angeles for 2024. Keep scrolling because this list will make it hard to party with your pants on.

These hot female newscasters grace the TV screen of millions of LA’s residents everyday. They report on everything from latest celebrity news, rat problems, and the occasional murder and kidnapping.

But what makes each of these five sexy news anchors unique? They don’t just read the news- they heat up our TV’s, phones, pants, and everything else in between.

Top 5 Sexy News Anchors In Los Angeles

So hold on to your butts and other “things” because we are bringing you our 2024 list of the 5 hottest news anchors in LA. So, why wait? Keep on scrolling and let’s get the pants party started!

1. Jessica Holmes at KTLA Channel 5 – The Queen of Sexy News Anchors in Los Angeles 

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Jessica Holmes from KTLA Channel 5 tops our list as the sexiest news anchors in LA, and it’s no surprise why. This Canadian-born dynamo delivers the news with a smile so infectious, it could brighten even the gloomiest day.

Check out Jessica Holmes on Instagram

2. Brianna Ruffalo at KABC7 Channel 7- Los Angeles

Alright folks, now let’s talk about the total HOTTIE Brianna Ruffalo from ABC 7. She’s anything but average, with her insanely good hair, and impeccable style. But what really catches our attention, are her sexy news anchor eyes. Now keep reading VICESNOB and stop staring-it’s creepy.

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Check out Brianna’s Instagram page.

3. Shayla Girardin FOX 11 at Channel 11- Hot News Anchor in Los Angeles 

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Shayla Girardin is hugely popular and well-known hottest and sexiest news anchor from FOX 11 in LA. There’s just something about the way she reads the news with her magnetic aura and flawless shining skin that it always feels sunny in LA. She’s one of the sexy new anchors and is the perfect package of beauty, brains and personality that keeps our attention focused on her insane figure.

Check out Shayla on Instagram.

4. Ellina Abovian at KTLA Channel 5 Los Angeles Sexy News Anchors

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Ellina Abovian from KTLA is another summertime stunner that made our list once again. Is she like a fine wine? Because every time we see her year after year she gets insanely hotter. She’s a mom, sexy news anchor, wife, news caster, and all around badass chick. With her graceful style of delivering the news and a mysterious set of dark eyes. Ellina checks off all the boxes of smart, sexy, and steamy.

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5. Lesley Marin at KCAL 9 – Hottest News Anchors in Los Angeles 

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Lesley Marin is a popular figure at KCAL 9 in the busy news scene of Los Angeles. She is one of the sexiest news anchors on kcal 9 in Los Angeles. She is known for more than just how she looks; people recognize her commitment towards providing the most precise and latest information.

Also her commitment to setting the TV on fire every time she walks in front of the camera. Keep slaying Lesley you set VICESNOB’s heart on fire!

Follow Lesley on Instagram.

The Wrap

These top five female news anchors in LA have captured our hearts, minds, and nsfw daydreams. To be honest, they’re so attractive, they’ve got us wanting split screen broadcasts of the local news. Can you imagine getting all 5 of these sexy news anchors on screen all at once? Can we handle all of that hotness? There’s only one way to find out .

Now go VICESNOB and fulfill your destiny! Turn on the TV, sit down and let your mind run wild while watching the news. If you have the stamina, why not check out the hottest weather girls of LA and Hottest influencers too?

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How much do TV news anchors make in Los Angeles?

As of April 24, 2024, the average News Anchor salary range is typically in between $58,040 -$74,272 in Los Angeles, CA

How did Jessica Holmes get hired at KTLA?

Jessica hit the KTLA scene back in November 2005, starting off as the weathercaster for Prime News after she absolutely crushed it on “The Audition,” a reality show-style competition on the KTLA Morning News. But this isn’t her first rodeo. Jessica kicked off her TV career way back in ’99. She got her start interning at Nickelodeon and, just six months later, was co-hosting the iconic “Slime Time Live.”

How much does Brianna Ruffalo make?

Brianna’s estimated net worth is somewhere between $1 million and $5 million. Her annual salary as a TV news caster, journalist, and weather girl is estimated to between $20 thousand and $100 thousand.

Who is the female anchor on FOX 11 Los Angeles?

Marla Tellez anchors at FOX 11, hosting Good Nite LA at 11pm and co-hosting FOX 11 News at 6pm as well, together with Elex Michaelson.

Is Michelle Fisher married?

Yes! Michelle Fisher is happily married and is the one of the hottest new anchor at abc7 channel in LA. Check out her Instagram to get into details about her lifestyle.

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