The Top Weed Themed Sneakers You Need Right Now

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Global Ganja Day may have passed, but like diamonds, your weed shoes, or weed-themed sneakers are forever. If you look after them and keep them clean. 420 is a holiday that surged snack sales and triggered the local pizza joint to sell out of pies. But that’s not going to stop us from keeping the celebrations and tennis shoe collaborations alive. 

So sit down, switch on some Cypress Hill and prepare yourself to see some of the hottest weed shoes. Here you’ll see Nike SB Dunks in their dopest form. And Saucony’s fired up in authentic Sativa style. We’ve assembled a list, checked it twice, and you’re sure to discover all these are both naughty and nice.


Switch on some Cypress Hill and prepare yourself for some of the hottest weed-themed sneakers

Green Nike Sneaker With Cannabis Leaves
Sneaker Freaker

Where’s Waldo Perfect Weed Shoes and What’s 420?

A few high school students in Marin County, California, created the term ‘420’ back in the 1970s. 420 quickly became their codeword to stay safe in front of the instructors at their high school. The kids were nicknamed the “Waldos” because they smoked marijuana against a wall; their smoking spot was by a statue of 19th-century researcher Louis Pasteur at their high school.

How Did Cannabis Find Weed Shoes?

Weed Shoes or Weed-themed sneakers aren’t new to the scene but have an exciting start. Cannabis flowers were found in footwear at the turn of the century through skate shoes. However, with the revolution of cannabis legalization, it has found itself in mainstream sneaker fashion with everything from the Adidas Nizza to the New Balance 991. Each boasting blossoming bud-laden thematics. 

Over the years weed themed shoes had some killer designs, most of which stemmed from Nike SB’s Dunk’s lineage. Still, there are a couple from the early days that many of us would have forgotten about. Some of us may be or possibly are seeing for the first time.

While some of you can legally illuminate today, not everybody can. So, from a legal perspective, we’re informing you we’re commemorating by recalling some of the best Skunk-inspired tennis shoes.


Nike SB Dunk High “Skunk”

Considered the most renowned cannabis sneaker, the weed themed sneaker ‘Skunk Dunk’ got greened out with spots of hazy purple and a not-too-subtle stash pocket behind the tongue. Of course, it hit stores on 4/20 in 2010, which still brings affordable prices from resellers and dealers. It’s so popular that Nike reissued the tennis shoe in reverse kind, which fell in line with the sneaker’s 10th anniversary.

Nice Kicks

Circa Muska RFLX

So we’re not saying Chad Muska’s signature Circa kicks, with their zip-up tongue for ‘adjustable padding,’ were intended as a pair of weed themed sneakers to transport weed. But we’re pretty sure they’re to transport weed. After establishing Supra, Muska would retain the stash pocket in the less skateable Skytop and Skytop II. This slight design change made Muska’s sneaky addition a little less hazy.


Nike SB Dunk High “Cheech and Chong”

This one is the follow-up to the notorious ‘Skunk Dunk.’ 1000 sets of this Dunk SB released on April 20, 2011, with a newly harvested green upper comes pre-rolled in a white canvas to be enjoyed by those who wear their kicks down to the roach. The mismatched red-paneling on these is motivated by the headwear of legendary stoner duo Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin.

Nike Maui Wowie
Sneaker Freaker

Nike SB Dunk High (Hawaii aka Maui Wowie)

Nike SB has a long performance history of releasing weed shoes in time for April 20. However, the brand’s Dunks line kept it coy for their dopest drop in 2021. This Hawaii-inspired colorway seems harmless, but the tearaway upper exposes a shaggy green suede. The tongue conceals a stash pocket. Nike SB claim this is for ‘safe storage.’ Our take is that if it ‘fits,’ stick it in.

Sneaker Freaker

Supra S1w – Tree Cammo

Everyone understands Lil Wayne wakes up by lighting a blunt wearing weed themed sneakers. So Supra’s ‘Vice Pack’ was a masterstroke, consisting of odes to candy and purple consumed; the organic side meal was this ‘Tree Camo’ S1W. All of us understand what kind of ‘tree’ that is.

Sneaker Freaker

Nike Sb Dunk Low – Green Hemp

Nike SB’s very first hit of stoner styling kept its organic practices a bit more low-key. Launched on 4/20 back in 2004 as part of the OG’ Hemp Pack’, along with infant blue and maroon make-ups, it was this botanical weed themed sneakers’ ‘Bonsai’ green make-up that SB heads were all craving. With only 420 pairs dropped, you had to know a guy that knew a guy to obtain a couple of these all-hemp kicks.

Sneaker Freaker

Sneaker Freaker X Saucony Grid SD Kushwhacker

SF says they’re not ‘typically not ones to get high on our own supply.’ But here’s a drop they finished with Saucony that they assembled in 2015.


HUF Hupper 420 Pack

The creative minds at HUF dropped a proper weed themed sneaker to the shoe scene. Additionally, their HUF Hupper 420 home-grown hightop comes complete with a zip-lock baggie of laces. This sneaker has an eye-grabbing design and looks great with a pair of HUF’s ‘Plantlife’ socks.  Grab a pair of these and be cool for the summer.

Diamond Supply

Diamond Supply Co. Cuts “Green Weed Camo”

These greened-out sneakers influence a forward statement to weed-themed fashion. Moreover, they come in numerous ‘weed camo’ patterns, including a tropical rendition.

The Wrap

You’ve seen the Nike SB Dunks in their dopest form. Nike SB’s first hit of stoner styling kept its organic styles a little more low-key. 1000 pairs of this Dunk SB launched on April 20, 2011. With a freshly gathered green upper that comes pre-rolled in a white canvas. Nike SB has a long track record of releasing weed-themed Dunks in time for April 20. However, the brand was a bit coy about their dopest drop in 2021. Nike SB’s first hit of stoner styling kept its organic habits a bit more low-key.

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