These Are The 20 Hottest IG Girls Smoking Cannabis This Month

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This month, VICESNOB brings you the 20 sexiest Instagram girls smoking weed. From sexy selfies to sultry group shots, these girls know how to make a statement while indulging in their favorite pastimes.

Whoever said hot, talented women weren’t into getting lit? We’re here to prove that assumption wrong with this hot list of 20 attractive women puffing on some weed and looking oh-so-good doing it. So grab your lighters, ignite that joint, and come take a deep dive with us as we explore these hot smokeshows!

sexy girls smoking weed

The List

Each hot girl in between smokes her distinct vape or joint, with a style as unique as her own. Whether you’re just curious, looking for new hot profiles to follow, or even trying to find that special someone who shares your interest in marijuana and hotness -– these girls have got you covered!

1. @CosmicKitty143

sexy girls smoking weed

2. @TheKushBunnyy

sexy girls smoking weed


4. @TheAshleyDee


5. @branbrizz




sexy girls smoking weed







13. @LeoniLondonX


14. @Amberlee.Shines


15. @High_ImprincessPINEAPPLE


16. @Lit_Liv420








20. @Dorota916


The Wrap

To all the hot girls out there who are defying the stigma attached to smoking weed and living their best life, we see you! Smoking weed has never looked so hot since these 20 goddesses make it look like a work of art. From beachside sets that give off hot girl summer vibes to arousing micro-dosing sessions in plush bedrooms, we can’t lie…these hot girls smoking weed have proved one simple truth: Weed is bae.

What better way to end this list of the 20 hottest girls smoking weed on IG than with a reminder that these ladies make it look SO good? From cute to sassy and every level in between, these ladies’ confidence and style are unparalleled. So do yourself a favor and show them some love; check out their profiles, like their posts, and let them know how hot they look. We all need more positivity in our lives, so don’t be afraid to spread the love!

Don’t forget to check out these hotties on IG—you won’t regret it VICESNOB

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