Hot, Spicy, and Totally Irresistible: ABC Restaurant in Iraq’s Kurdistan is the Foodie’s Ultimate Crush

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Hey, you VICESNOBs! Are you into unique restaurants? Well get ready to swipe right because we’ve found your perfect match. Meet ABC Restaurant in Iraq’s Kurdistan, the sizzling hot eatery that’s got all of Erbil and Sulaimani drooling. It’s like Tinder but for your tastebuds.

Your Plate or Mine?

Imagine a date with a melting pot of American, Italian, and Turkish dishes, all in one place. That’s right, this ain’t your grandma’s kitchen. This is an international love affair with food, right in the heart of Iraq’s Kurdistan. From succulent Turkish kofta to the classic American spaghetti, it’s like a world tour without the jet lag. And hey, these guys even introduced sushi to Kurdistan. Talk about being a trendsetter!

ABC Restaurant in Iraq's Kurdistan

It’s Unique Like Disneyland Restaurants

Forget everything you know about dining out because ABC Restaurant is flipping the script. Think Disneyland, but with food. Every nook and cranny screams ‘culture’, and not just any culture, but a spicy mix served American-style. Whether you’re chillin’ with your squad or having a family get-together, ABC Restaurant in Iraq’s Kurdistan gives you a taste of the world without needing a passport.

Pig Out, Guilt-Free!

Ready for the best part of this unique restaurant? It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. But hold up, they aren’t just filling plates, they’re also saving the planet by keeping food waste in check. So you can pig out guilt-free! How’s that for a sustainable relationship?

Living the Dream, One Plate at a Time

ABC Restaurant isn’t just about the food, it’s about aspiration. It’s a symbol of hope for the local community, offering jobs and inspiring new business ventures. In fact, some ex-staffers have even opened their own sushi joints. Now that’s what we call #goals!

ABC Restaurant in Iraq's Kurdistan

An American Dream in the Heart of Iraq

Sure, America and Iraq have had their differences. But at ABC Restaurant, it’s all about unity. Uncle Sam is the mascot here, a symbol of the Iraqi and Kurdish dreams. It’s a unique fusion that makes this place more than just a restaurant.

So if you’re ever in Kurdistan, don’t forget to hit up ABC Restaurant. It’s not just a meal, it’s an experience. And trust us, it’s one you wouldn’t want to miss!

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