VICESNOB’s Ultimate Guide To Hangover Recovery With Cannabis

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You had a wild night out and now you’re paying the price – that dreaded hangover! You feel like you’re walking on eggshells, but never fear; cannabis-infused products are here to provide some sweet morning relief. So be sure to buy your cannabis hangover insurance before turning up for an epic night – because after all, there’s nothing worse than suffering through consequences of fun gone awry with no help in sight!

If you’re one of the many people that suffer from hangovers, then you know that they can be absolutely brutal. Not only do they make you feel like death itself, but they can also ruin your day. Well, fear not! Cannabis-infused products are here to help. So, checkout our list of 5 cannabis infused remedies to a nasty hangover.

  • Relieve your insomnia with energy

If you’ve had a bit too much to drink and can’t seem to find your way to dreamland, an indica-heavy pre-roll joint could be just the thing for you! Not only will it help with that pesky insomnia issue but also make waking up the next day considerably easier. So don’t toss away those sleepy thoughts – puff them into reality instead!

Cannabis for hangover
  • Get more zen

Feeling angry or anxious like you want to start your Monday with a punch? You may want to use come cannabis for your hangover. Take the edge off by chillin’ out on some WYLD Gummies- we like the elderberry flavor – it’ll cure anyone’s case of the Mondays with a warm-and-fuzzy feeling!

Cannabis for hangover
  • Soothe your headaches

Chugging a bottle of water is good for rinsing the toxins out of your system and staying hydrated. But by adding a bit of CBD-rich balm to the mix, you can eliminate that throbbing pain and make your head feel clearer. This is another cannabis remedy to cure the classic hangover.

Cannabis for hangover
Papa + Barkley
  • Turn your day around with tea

Do you need a little cannabis infused help for getting over your hangover? This delicious elixir called Tranquili-tea, by Kikoko- is just what you need! Chamomile, peppermint, and other healing herbs come together to create a perfect morning-after remedy. Just a few sips will help alleviate any lingering symptoms: muscle aches, bad moods, and even sleep issues. So drink up and get back to life!

Cannabis for hangover
  • Soak soreness and muscle tension away

Partying and reveling can mean some aches and pains the following day after a night of a ton of fun. So to lull you into a state of utter relaxation, slip into the tub and submerge yourself in the soothing ingredients of this bath bomb.

Cannabis for hangover
Kush Queen
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