Where To Get The Best Gumbo in Downtown LA

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If your VICE is food and you want to add a little south in your mouth-look no further because you’ll want to check out Gumbo Boys in Downtown Los Angeles. Lucky for us, a  familiar face has returned to the space formerly occupied by Meatzilla in the heart of Downtown LA.  After trying their gumbo we give it our stamp of approval. The gumbo is legit, the service is like family, and their location is perfect for a quick lunchtime office getaway.

Gumbo Boys Los Angeles
Gumbo Boys

A new creole-cajun restaurant at Sixth and Spring in Downtown, LA

Gumbo Boys has been reborn and will again be dishing out their flavorful goodness. Starting as a street stand on Sixth and Spring in early 2018, the family-owned business quickly took to the city’s culinary map and packed a punch with their classic Creole-Cajun dish. 

Armed with the secret family recipes passed down from their Louisiana roots, Paul, Quintin, Buckner, and Elizabeth Harris have taken the culture of LA to a whole new level with their take on Southern-inspired food.

Gumbo Los Angeles Downtown
Eater LA

Gumbo Boy’s menus features some of the best flavors in Los Angeles 

Tantalizing free samples of gastronomic delights and tasty morsels make it easy to fall in love with the Gumbo Boy’s menu. Over time, the Cajun dish roster has expanded to include a full array of authentic favorites, including red beans, rice, and jambalaya, served with generous hospitality. 

The Harrises have adapted to various roles, from servers and bartenders to back-of-house help, always taking a hands-on approach to Vee Delgadillo’s New Orleans-themed restaurant, Little Easy. They didn’t just learn to cook gumbo. They mastered the art of firing it up fresh and hot while keeping the costs low to satisfy their customers’ appetites.

Gumbo Boys

How this family took a stab at the restaurant business in Los Angeles

After pooling their resources, the family decided to make a stab at their Los Angeles gumbo restaurant in 2020. The food truck was a jumping-off point. They surfed the tumultuous waves of the pandemic, operating temporarily at dive bars and other locations. 

Later, they settled into the present permanent spot at Meatzilla building, 646 S. An extensive menu, including Cajun seafood, po’boys, and gumbo, lends Gumbo Boys enough diverse offerings to tickle the palates of even the most discriminating foodies. 

Photo: Taylor Bescoby for Eater LA

There’s much more than gumbo and rice that will entice 

In Los Angeles, the Harrises server other items besides traditional gumbo and rice, they also sell other Cajun favorites such as okra, shrimp, chicken-based stew, and the ever-popular red beans and rice. Popular dessert specialties that Elizabeth Harris is known in Los Angeles for include freshly made beignets, heavenly bread pudding, and pecan pralines that make taste buds tingle.

Their mother’s cooking prowess shines through the food, making it a true family affair. From modest beginnings and traditional Cajun fare. Their culinary expertise has evolved into incorporating an intricate synergy of LA flavors and taco cuisine while retaining the essence of their Louisiana roots. Bite-sized bombs of home made chicken or pork boudin balls adorn the menu with creamy remoulade sauce.

Benginets Downtown Los Angeles
Eater LA

The Wrap – Gumbo Boys in Downtown Los Angeles is all about positivity, love, family and teamwork

Despite their appeal to the local demographic, the Harris family’s return to the Downtown LA streetscape is not without challenges, but they are excited to be back in the community. The mission this time is to inspire and demonstrate positivism, love, and teamwork. For $15 or less, customers can enjoy a savory and satisfying meal, while occasional giveaways make it easy to get a taste of their soul-warming dishes.

Gumbo Boys

Where to find Gumbo Boys in Downtown Los Angeles

Gumbo Boys is located in Downtown Los Angeles at 646 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90014. The phone number for Gumbo Boys is (213) 910-2980 and their hours are currently 11am – 8pm daily.

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