Where To Get The Best Sit Down Mexican Food in LA

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A sizable Mexican population calls Los Angeles home more than any other city in the United States. It’s no surprise that the best Mexican tacos, tortillas, and tamales are just as prevalent in LA restaurants and food trucks as burgers and hot dogs. 

However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing special or noteworthy about LA’s Mexican restaurants. The city’s best infuse familiar favorites with enthusiasm, creativity, and a sense of community. Here are the best dine-in spots in Los Angeles serving Mexican cuisine.

1. Sonoritas Prime Tacos

Your friendly local taqueria on Sawtelle Blvd in West LA serves up tasty tacos and grilled carne asada to the neighborhood. Sonoritas’ second location at the former Broken Spanish space in Downtown Los Angeles is a must-visit for authentic Mexican recipes. 

best mexican restaurants in la

2. Bar Hermanito

Another of the best Mexican restaurants in West LA favorite, Bar Hermanito, offers a similar yet Japantown-inspired menu. Mexican specialties such as yellowtail tostada combined with Japanese pickles are cultural influences the Sawtelle neighborhood restaurant considers when creating its menu. 

Tacos, slick drinks, and a laid-back patio vibe reminiscent of the West Side of LA make Bar Hermanito a great spot to grab a bite and hang out with friends any day or night. 

While al pastor, shrimp, and queso birria tacos are the most popular choices, check if the Peking duck platter is on the daily specials before you order them as one of the complementing curiosities on their menu. 


3. Birrieria Apatzingan

Laurel Canyon Boulevard is always bustling with cars and people, but Birrieria Apatzingan feels like the perfect oasis for some of the best Mexican restaurants in the middle of LA. Antojitos and birria plates are the trademarks of this fine dining establishment. Tortillas also share the spotlight with birria on the menu regarding traditional Mexican staples. 

best mexican restaurants in la
Birrieria Apatzingan

4. Madre Restaurant

Madre boasts Mexican food at the best multiple locations across LA, including Palms, West Hollywood, and Torrance. Each restaurant in the chain prides itself in offering Oaxacan delights like memelas, moles, and tlayudas. An extensive mezcal list also makes Madre an excellent place for celebrations. Don’t miss the brunch specials if you’re around WeHo and Torrance a little later in the day or morning.

best mexican restaurants in la

5. Leonor’s Mexican Vegetarian Restaurant

While searching for the best Mexican restaurants in LA and Long before the current surge in healthy lifestyles and veganism, Los Angeles residents have been enjoying animal-free Mexican cuisine at Leonor’s for over three decades. 

Locals who dine here enjoy vegan chocolate, veggie tacos, veggie burritos, and enchiladas. Order them with flavorful beans from any of their two SFV locations, and you’ll be on your way to a healthy and delicious meal in no time.


6. Mírame

Anyone looking for trendy Mexican eats should head to Mírame in Beverly Hills. Michelin Star chef Joshua Gil’s partnership with Matthew Egan in 2020 was a tribute to Mexico and the Californian culinary innovation it brings. 

The restaurant has an extensive menu divided into sections for Mexican coffees, cocktails, seguimos, ceviches, and platos. Indulge in some Baja fried snapper mixed with blue corn tortillas for a rich and savory snack.


7. Ortega 120

Ortega 120 won over the South Bay long ago as one of the best Mexican restaurants in LA when it opened in Redondo Beach. The concept is simple, offering traditional Mexican fare with a focus on handmade tortillas and queso fundido. Known for its entertaining and funky atmosphere, Ortega 120 is ideal for casual dates and friends to hang out with. 

Ortega 120

8. Martin’s Cocina y Cantina

Eleven years after Fiesta Martin restaurant opened, the Martin family decided it was time to bring the style and culture of Mexico to Inglewood. In 2021, Martin’s Cocina y Cantina emerged with a new menu and location. The modern Mexican eatery features fantastic drinks, a full bar, tasty meals, and wide TVs to keep tabs on the latest sports games and news. 

Martin’s Cocina y Cantina

The Wrap – Looking for the best sit down Mexican restaurants in LA be sure to check them out

If you’re looking for the best sit-down Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles, you’re in luck. From Martin’s Cocina to Madre – West Hollywood, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. For a more traditional experience, check out Birrieria Apatzingan or Sonorita’s Prime Tacos . And if you’re feeling adventurous, Ortega 120 offers an unforgettable culinary experience. No matter what type of Mexican food you’re craving, there’s something for everyone in LA. Now go out and practice gluttony VICESNOB!

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