Why You Need To Try Hell’s Kitchen Brunch Dubai Now

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Ever wondered what it would be like to have brunch on the set of the world-famous Hell’s Kitchen? Get ready because Hell’s Kitchen brunch Dubai at Caesars Palace has arrived. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and Cesars Palace created one of the hottest immersive brunch experiences in Dubai. The Hellacious Brunch features a replica set of Ramsay’s hit TV show Hell’s Kitchen. If that’s not enough fun and fire, you can sit poolside and enjoy the amazing views.


Located poolside in the Palace Tower of Cesar’s Dubai, the restaurant draws its fiery inspiration from the reality TV show, however this time Red and Blue are allies working together.  But, when the cool brunch crowd rolls in, the heat really turns up. That’s when the Red and Blue battle it out with a Hellacious Brunch featuring flowing beverages and a whole lot of insane fun. Hell’s Kitchen Brunch promises an entertaining, fiery and boozy brunch experience in Dubai.

hell's kitchen brunch dubai front
Hells Kitchen

The restaurant is located at Cesar’s Palace delivers an immersive experience of flavor and sound. The exquisite three-hour dining experience welcomes friends and families alike. They are open for brunch service on Saturday from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. So get your reservations ahead of time.  

hell's kitchen brunch dubai ladies raising wine glass
Hells Kitchen Dubai

When diners enter the restaurant for Hell’s Kitchen brunch Dubai, they experience the look and feel of Gordon Ramsay’s world-famous TV Show. And the diners experience an atmosphere that has everything from the look and feel of the actual TV set. The exciting menu lets diners fire up their tastebuds on some tasty brunch offerings. With devoted stations to seafood offerings and eggs Benedict. Both favorites of foodies and Hell’s Kitchen fans alike. 

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen is Shaking Up The Dubai Brunch Scene…

Ramsay’s experienced executive chefs will prepare delicious starters. Items like crab cakes and Wagyu Meatballs. And their famous Truffle and Mushroom Arancini will make your mouth water. Prepared fresh to order, each item is delivered to your table.

Cesar’s Palace Dubai

Brunch-goers at Hell’s Kitchen Dubai can pick from Surf & Turf, Cedar Salmon, and lamb ragu macaroni for mains. The Boneless Baby Chicken or the signature Hell’s KitchenBurger are great options. Try the mushroom shawarma if you’re feeling exotic. Everything is made fresh from the kitchen. The food experience does not stop there. There’s even live table-side food sculpting and tasty sides to share.

The cheese corner is a cheese lover’s dream. It does not disappoint and has a variety of cheeses from around the world. So get your cheese on. 

Diners craving sweets have the opportunity to indulge in the legendary Candy Shop. The Candy Shop has our favorites, Honeycomb Cheesecake and Banaoffee Pie. There’s the Bakewell Tart, Sticky Toffee Pudding which is to die for. The milk chocolate fountain made me dream of floating down a river of milk chocolate. And drinking a huge sip. The Candy Shop even has an ‘Eton Mess Challenge. For visitors to indulge in a British favorite. Which is an enjoyable twist for the perfect ending to a proper breakfast. 

Hellacious Brunch at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, Caesars Palace Dubai…rocks

If an immersive foodie experience is your thing. The entertainment while dining at Hells Kitchen is impressive. Consists of the musical duo KICKS. Playing live on the guitar with crowd favorites. Insuring for an immersive breakfast experience. 

hell's kitchen brunch dubai Trays of brunch foods at hells kitchen
Cesars Palace Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen Dubai is a great way to enjoy a fun Saturday afternoon brunch. Especially in one of the world’s top destinations. We often say Dubai is the gateway to the world because of its many daily flights from around the globe. Hell’s Kitchen Dubai makes a stop-over in Dubai a delicious and remarkable experience. 

Hells Kitchen Dubai Brunch
Hells Kitchen Dubai

The Wrap

Hell’s Kitchen brunch Dubai really impresses the tastebuds and the senses with it’s on-set inspiration from the hit TV show Hell’s Kitchen. We suggest waking up from a luxurious sleep in Cesar’s amazingly comfortable king-sized beds. Take a trip to their world-class fitness center and get your morning workout. Grab your partner, and hit some golf balls over at Topgolf. Head back to Cesar’s palace to get those sweaty parts squeaky clean with a nice cool shower. Then head down to the Palace Tower and try Hell’s Kitchen Dubai. You’ll be glad you did. So go ahead and make love, grab your friends, have brunch, indulge, and be a VICESNOB.

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