See How These Amazing Sneakers Changed Golf Forever

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What do college golf champions and sports fashion have in common? Love for the game and the desire to win. In the case of Earl Cooper and Olajuwon Ajanaku, a combined passion for sneakers and golf led to a partnership with Nike Air Jordan. That launched Grails shoes into the spotlight and helped redefine the way elite athletes and sports fans view trending styles in golf.

Innovative Sneaker Designs

A new era of golf is upon us and GRAILS shoes are leading the charge. The company started as a collaboration between Earl Cooper, college golf champion, and Olajuwon Ajanaku, aficionado of all things sports fashion. What began as a desire to create a better golf shoe has turned into a movement that is changing the game itself. GRAILS sneakers are not just about function anymore- they are about fashion and turning heads on the course. With Nike’s backing, GRAILS is destined to become one of the biggest names in golf apparel.

GRAILS shoes designs combine style and performance, making them the perfect choice for golfers of all levels. The unique cushioning technology provides superior support on the course while the street-ready designs make GRAILS stand out on a whole new level. GRAILS are custom designed to provide a comfortable fit and increased agility, allowing athletes to move with ease and confidence on the course. Whether you are a professional competing in tournaments or a casual player looking for an edge, GRAILS will give you the style and performance necessary to succeed.

Grails Shoes

For Elite Athletes and Casual Players Alike

GRAILS is more than just golf shoes- it’s a lifestyle. The brand has become synonymous with cutting-edge style, offering a range of clothes and accessories designed to make an impression on and off the course. GRAILS has become a go-to for golfers looking to stand out from the crowd, providing the perfect combination of performance and panache. With GRAILS’ influence spreading far beyond golf courses, it’s clear that this brand has changed the game of golf forever. GRAILS is on a mission to revolutionize the way athletes and fashion lovers alike view golf apparel, and they’re doing it one sneaker at a time.

For the two founders of Eastside Golf, who come from the same African background, bridging the gap between sports fashion and golf was a natural progression. Broken into six episodes, each chapter of Hannah Storm’s report will focus on different elements of their plans to take the conservative world of golf – with its top-notch apparel providers and siloed retail channels – to a new level and make it flashy, stylish and accessible.

Eastside Golf

Design that meets form and function

Everyone wants to be cool, but what does that mean? For Earl and Olajuwon, designing a game shoe that looks as good as it plays. The way they see it, shoes made for golf must be multi-functional and highly fashionable. Whether you’re ripping out of the rough or alighting from a tee shot, Grails shoes blend of functionality, style, and performance.

Their focus on the Black experience allows them to provide a unique perspective on the game of golf and a refreshingly innovative approach to golf outfits. “I don’t want any young Black girl or boy to feel how I did when I was growing up playing this game,” says Olajuwon, who grew up in East Atlanta and learned to play golf with the help of a Morehouse College scholarship.

His Morehouse College teammate, Earl, a PGA-ranked golf champion from Wilmington, runs a golf instruction business to help players of all skill levels improve their games. His commitment is to share his passion for the game with as many people as possible and to give back by training and mentoring young golfers in their home communities. The Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Week is one initiative Earl organizes through the Mayor’s Office.

Grails Shoes

Tune in on Hulu

Tune into Hulu’s Grails: When Sneakers Changed the Game starting on Wednesday, December 14, to catch their exclusive interview with Hannah Storm. The premiere sports fashion docu-series features the duo’s journey from Eastside Golf to Nike Jordan and gives viewers unparalleled access to the inner workings of Grails shoes a new kind of accessory for golfers – the sneaker – and how it is going to change people’s lives both on and off the course.

Grails Shoes
Eastside Golf x Air Jordan

The Wrap

From college champions to everyday golfers, GRAILS has something for everyone looking to bring an exciting new style to the course. GRAILS has taken golf apparel in a bold and daring new direction, making it easier than ever before for athletes and fans alike to express themselves through their wardrobes. GRAILS is changing the game of golf one sneaker at a time and transforming how people view the sport itself.

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