Get Excited For A Viral New Pop Up Restaurant in LA

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Get ready to level up with Super Nintendo World coming to Universal Studios Hollywood next month! You won’t want to miss the highly immersive themed land straight out of the iconic Super Mario Brothers video games. Take on Bowser’s Challenge, a Mario Kart-inspired ride, and visit 1-Up Factory for all your merch needs. Finally, don’t forget to grab a bite at the Mushroom Kingdom’s signature restaurant, Toadstool Cafe.

Mario Brothers Restaurant
Eater LA

So don’t forget to mark February 17th on your calendar for a massive themed Mario Brothers restaurant that pays tribute to one of Nintendo’s most beloved games: Super Mario Bros. Many attractions, like the Mario Kart Speedway, will be available. 

Drawing aesthetic and culinary inspirations from Kinopio’s Café in Osaka, Japan, the mushroom-shaped Toadstool Café will render a digital kitchen of Chef Toad preparing virtual dishes to welcome diners. 

A restaurant, Mario Brothers, music and food to keep you in the mood

This Mario Brothers themed restaurant has Pastel accents paired with blonde faux-wood veneers will provide the palate of the dining experience. While waiting for a meal, visitors can catch a glimpse of Chef Toad’s kitchen on the other side thanks to large TV screens that mimic windows. But if music is needed to bolster the excitement, the café will also include mashups of classic Super Mario Brothers soundtracks. 

The menu

Naturally a Mario Brothers restaurant will have a solid Italian-American influence on the menu. Yet the culinary team has incorporated the disposition of the characters from the game to create original dishes. For the Short Rib Special, named after the cartoon character Chef Toad, goat cheese polenta cooked to juicy perfection over a bed of sour cream and red-wine reduction gives the dish a delectable softness. 

Even the in-house garlic knots that complement the marinara sauce have a shape reminiscent of the classic Nintendo mushroom, further affirming the culinary team’s attention to detail. As seasons come and go, the menu will change with the ingredients on hand, and the chef’s special will reflect each occasion.

A Super Mario themed dessert 

Rounding off a meal with an elaborate Super Mario-themed dessert can be a treat for the eyes and taste buds. Offering cakes, tiramisu, and pie intricately designed as versions of Princess Peach, Mt. Beanpole, and Question Mark Blocks, Toadstool Café will be a hotspot for every Nintendo fan. For those who feel like washing down with a delicious beverage, mouthwatering lemonade drinks will be available, such as the Super Star Lemon Squash.

The Wrap

If you love all things fun, then this Mario Brothers themed restaurant is you VICE. Often pop culture and eateries interweave, creating a wonderful world of connections that inspire us to indulge in tasty treats and the oddball entertainment they provide. An immersive and interactive experience awaits on the other side of Toadstool Café that compares to the charm of the gaming universe and Universal Studios’ nostalgic atmosphere. 

Like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, recreating real-life locations and inducing a sense of fantasy remains a priority in the entertainment industry.

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